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Posted on 09 Jun 2014 0 comments

Air Testing Plus offers expertise in:

  • possible sources of indoor air contaminants
  • microbes (fungal, bacterial, and viral)
  • particulates (allergenic “dust” components: pollens, dust mite feces, minerals, etc.)
  • volatile organic and inorganic compounds (“odours”, VOCs and VICs)
  • radioactive materials (radon, etc.)

… as well as, providing recommendations for remediation and on-going control of indoor air contamination, to improve the indoor environment.

We¬†are a member of the Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA) that works closely with the Indoor Environmental Standards Organization (IESO) that, in turn, defines generally accepted industry standards with respect to indoor air quality issues. The senior principal of Air Testing Plus is a “Council-certified Indoor Environmentalist” (CIE), with a Ph.D. in Chemistry (U. of A.).

Air Testing Plus Inc. works closely with analytical laboratories to provide objective, independent analysis of submitted samples, and opinion (where appropriate). Measurement and sampling techniques are in accordance with current technology (microbiology, chemistry, and physics).

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